Surprising Fashion Essential – the straw hat

Who doesn’t enjoy the sunshine?  Everyone seems a bit happier (well, not on public transport but that doesn’t count), we’re all getting our Vitamin D fix and things just seem a bit brighter.

But the sunshine doesn’t come without it’s practical problems especially with young kids.  We all know that we need to wear suntan lotion and keep hydrated but this can be easily said than done with a toddler.  You only need to walk past a park in the sunshine to hear harassed parents trying to make a game out of applying suntan lotion on a boisterous child.

Master ATWWAH has always quite enjoyed having suntan lotion put on him but I think that is because he’s quite cat like.  He loves a lie on the sofa, milk, being stroked and having his chin tickled.  So, he finds it quite therapeutic to have suntan lotion massaged in especially when he gets to put it on us too.

But hats are a different matter.  He has always hated wearing them and I regularly spend most of my time picking them up off the pavement as he sneakily chucks them out of his pram.   We’ve tried lots of different styles and bribery so he keeps it on.  Until that is his grandparents bought him a little straw hat from Sainsbury’s.  He loves it.

At first I thought it was because his older cousin has an identical one but after doing my own in-depth and scientific research (looking at other kids and asking their parents) it seems the straw hat is a big hit with the discerning toddler.

It is a great fashion item, so versatile.

Toddler wearing hat

Every discerning toddler should have a straw hat (and a sword)

On a recent visit to a friend’s house in deepest, darkest Surrey he looked quite the country gent and on a recent zoo experience he looked like he was off on safari.  I’m surprised the fashion columns haven’t cottoned on to this.

So, if your kids are a bit reluctant to wear their summer hats, if you haven’t already, try a straw hat.

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