The One Book Rule

Before Master ATWWAH came along a big part of preparing for a holiday was the trip to Waterstones to take advantage of their now defunct 3 for 2 offer.  I used to take three to six books with me on holiday.  While other people were excitedly going through the film list on the in-flight entertainment system I’d be looking forward to losing myself in a book.

However taking children on holiday with you means a leisurely read by the pool is a rarity.  So, now I adopt the ‘one book rule’.  It means I don’t get disappointed by how little I actually read on holiday as chances are I’ll be able to finish at least one book.

To supplement the book I also take two magazines.  The latest issue of Red, my favourite magazine ever.  I always finish reading it feeling like I can do anything and there aren’t many magazines that make you feel like that.

And, I also take The Sunday Times Travel magazine.  My parents bought me a subscription to it years ago for my birthday.  I love the photos and planning the next holiday.

The ‘one book rule’ comes with its own problems though.  There is a lot of pressure to make sure the book you take is a good one.  Otherwise you end up in the hotel reception looking at the discarded holiday reads of others, anyone for Fifty Shades of Grey or the latest Joanna Trollope???  You could always better yourself and read one that a tourist from a different country left behind.  Teach yourself French while you’re on holiday.  Hmm.  Maybe not.

There will soon be a regular book review feature on here to make the ‘one book rule’ decision that little bit easier.  So, feel free to send through your recommendations.  The more the better.  As we all know rules are there to be broken including the ‘one book’ one.

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  1. I too used to enjoy reading on planes. The only time I get to do any kind of reading when I am travelling now, is when I am travelling alone!! 😀

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