Toddler friendly Mexico

Thanks to Mrs F for sharing her recent holiday to Mexico.

When Mr and Mrs F were looking for somewhere to take their youngest children, Miss F (aged 3 and a half) and Master F (aged 20 months) in February which would provide sunshine but most importantly some adventure they first considered Thailand.  But, then encouraged by the shorter and more reasonably priced flights they decided to give Mexico a go.  Both keen travellers before having young children a sitting around the pool holiday wasn’t really what they were after and Mexico seemed to have the answer with some great beaches, lots of culture and it’s easy to get around by car.

With two weeks at their disposal they didn’t need to just stay in one resort and after a Thomson flight to Cancun they hired a car and headed to the Yucatan Peninsula.  This area is very popular with American families so it is safe and easy to get around.  Their holiday included stays in the areas of Tulum (one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas), Merida (the largest city of the Yucatan Peninsula) and Isla Holbox (an island on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula).  Mrs F highly recommends Tripadvisor and for inspiration of where to go when planning your holiday and where to stay.

As adventure was on the agenda it is no surprise that the holiday consisted of lots of day trips to Mayan temples, biking through forests and hiring a golf buggy on Isla Holbox to cruise along the coastline at speed.  There was also time to hang around the pool on occasion and visit the many beaches which the area has to offer.

Chichen Itza

At Chichen Itza (meaning ‘at the mouth of the well of Itza’)

Although hiring a car was a great way to get around Mrs F didn’t bank on the many arguments they would have to have with the rental company over things like a key which wouldn’t come out of the ignition properly and then even worse, a car which broke down on the way to the airport meaning they needed to call a cab to get them to their flight on time and abandon the rental car.  Phew!

Despite the flight being shorter than one to Thailand (around 10 hours from London to Cancun opposed to 12 hours from London to Thailand) it’s still a long time and jetlag is bound to happen.  Mrs F’s kids were up at 3am on their first night and lots of downloaded episodes of Peppa Pig came in handy whilst Mr and Mrs F took it in turns to stay awake.  After a couple of nights the jetlag went though and Peppa Pig on the ipad and taking it in turns with your partner to stay awake sound like a good plan to me.

Miss F is coeliac which presented a couple of challenges but a combination of self-catering and eating out meant that there was always a gluten free option to hand with Mrs F taking gluten free pasta and pizza bases.  Guacamole and corn nachos became one of the kids favourite snacks whilst they were away.  Mrs F did concede that explaining their daughter was coeliac in some of the restaurants wasn’t always easy.

Miss F & Master F

Miss F & Master F off on an adventure

A great travel essential which went with them on holiday was a Littlelife Arc travel cot with a built-in mosquito net to keep the many insects at bay.  And the Babyjogger pushchair with buggy board was invaluable when sightseeing as although Miss F is fine to walk around most of the time in the heat a rest on the buggy board was needed.  The great thing about holidaying in Mexico was the abundance of American supermarkets so despite forgetting swim armbands it was easy enough to buy some more and there was nothing you couldn’t really buy.

Mrs F definitely recommends Mexico as a great destination with kids for those who are looking for a bit of an adventure and can speak some Spanish so you can get the most out of your holiday.  She describes Mexico as a beautiful country with some of the best beaches in the world, it’s uncrowded and the people are friendly and helpful.  Sounds perfect.




  1. Great report, would love to take the kids one day!

  2. HI

    Loved your report…..
    I have 2 kids at 3 and 4 and are going this Xmas for 3 weeks around the Yucatan and we were thinking about finshing the trip on holbox for 7 nights.. I was wondering if you would recommend Holbox for a week with them or is it too long? I cant quite decide if its just a couple of night to many for the kids. Your thoughts would be a big help.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Three weeks in Mexico at Xmas sounds great.

      I think 7 nights may be a bit too long on Holbox but then it depends on what you want. As it would definitely be a relaxing end to your holiday and you may want to take it slower by then. Toddlers never get bored of beaches 🙂

      Let me know what you decide and how the trip goes.

      Mrs ATWWAH

      • Hi

        Thanks for your feedback. We have reduced it to 6 nights on holbox . Which in reality will be 5 days. We decided I think on a week around tulum with 3 nights merida old town , 3 nights hacienda near merida. It should be good. Will happily exchange tales. It’s lovely to hear other families travel stories . It can inspire the next one!

        • It sounds great, can’t wait to hear about it when you get back and feel free to share hotel recommendations and attractions etc.
          I bet you are wishing the summer away now 🙂

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