Travel through the eyes of a child

One of the best things about having a child is the things they say once they start getting a few words.  They’re endearingly honest, simple and innocent.  Whenever Master ATWWAH sees a plane at the moment he points to the sky says ‘plane’, ‘holiday’ and ‘Elke’ as his little nursery mate has been away for the last few weeks on holiday.

That is why traveling with a child is made even more fun.  To coin a phrase, from well Catchphrase, they ‘say what they see’.

Master ATWWAH was looking through one of my travel magazines this weekend, he usually spends his time pointing at photos of food in them and shouting ‘pie’ but something else caught his eye.

This amazing picture.

photo from Sunday Times Travel magazine, June 2013, Marmore Waterfalls

Marmore Waterfalls photo taken from Sunday Times Travel magazine, June 2013
Pietro Canali/4Corners

After asking ‘what’s that’ I explained it was a waterfall.  He then tried to say waterfall a couple of times in the way only toddlers can.  He then said ‘shower’ which made me chuckle, followed by ‘outside shower’  It made my heart melt.  I know,  I’m biased, I’m his mum.

But, it just shows how seeing something with a child can change your own perceptions of something.  Who knows maybe the next time we’re queuing at passport control he’ll have some words of wisdom to make the whole experience seem a bit nicer.

The other downfall of his fascination with this gorgeous picture is that Mr ATWWAH is threatening a trip to the north east and High Force Waterfall.  It has the largest waterfall in England don’t you know?  I’d much rather go to Umbria.

  1. What a coincidence – we visited the Marmore Falls yesterday. They are so beautiful. Check out the photos on my blog.

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