Upcoming Days Out – Paddington The Movie

I am so excited about Paddington The Movie.  It isn’t out in the UK until November 2014 but a teaser trailer has just been released.  Please, please, please, don’t let them mess it up.  The Paddington stories are a big hit in our house.

Apparently Colin Firth will be the voice of Paddington which I can kind of get, he’s good at indignant retorts, but how is his Peruvian accent???  The rest of the cast won’t be animated, hmm, will that work?  But with a great British cast including Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters and Hugh Bonneville it sounds promising.  What, no James Corden????

I’m already nervous about the imminent release of Postman Pat, The Movie.  Does he really need to take part in an X-Factor type show?  The secret of Postman Pat’s continued success over the years has to be his innocence and the Special Delivery challenges he now has in the more modern episodes are so far removed from real life – a gecko for a little girl, duck eggs for the vet…..Greendale is a place that doesn’t exist anymore and that is partly what its appeal is.   Taking part in a talent show and rekindling romance with an old flame isn’t very Pat.  He’s already married!

Again, the cast is full of talent, including Jim Broadbent again and Stephen Mangan, who will always be Guy off Green Wing for me, but I really hope they don’t mess it up too much as it won’t be Master ATWWAH crying into his popcorn, it will be me.

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