Win A Travel Box From The Rainy Day Box Co.

Anyone with young children will tell you that keeping them entertained, whether you’re at home or travelling, can be hard work and requires lots of imagination and some patience.

When Aly Cranston’s son Kit was growing into an adventurous little boy full of energy she spent one rainy autumn morning putting together a box of activities to keep them entertained throughout the day.  From this her business, The Rainy Day Box Co, was born.  You can now go online and order a box of activities or create your own with themes including baking, crafts and games.  There is even a Letterbox Club where you can pay a subscription, from £5.99 a month, so that each month you and your little people get a box of surprises through the post.

So, I’m very excited to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Travel Box which includes a fishing game, water travel game, sunglasses to decorate, a boat to make and summer stickers worth £10.99.

travel box

The Travel Box from The Rainy Day Box Co


All you need to do to enter is:

– follow my blog account on Twitter @atwwah

– return to this post and add a comment with one of your memorable childhood holiday memories (I’ve added my own, I can’t win the prize!)


– all entrants must be over 18 and resident in the UK

– the prize is one Travel Box provided by The Rainy Day Box Co.  There is no cash equivalent prize.  The box is recommended for over 3’s

– the winner will be chosen at random and notified via their Twitter account

–  the Travel Box will be posted out to the winner by The Rainy Day Co upon receipt of the winner’s address

– the deadline for entries is Sunday 1st March 2015 and the winner will be announced on Twitter on Monday 2nd March 2015

Good luck!




  1. As promised, here is one of my childhood holiday memories.

    When I was about 8 we went to Butlins Skegness where I was obsessed with The Funnybone Gang, the on-site entertainers. I used to go to their shows every night, I thought they were amazing. I remember queuing up for their autographs on my last night, there was a really tall guy called Lofty (original!)in The Funnybone Gang who I thought was hilarious. I cried when I realised I wouldn’t get to see them again.

  2. One of my earliest family holiday memories is a trip to Cornwall with my parents and another family – although we were staying near lovely Tintagel (which I’ve returned to and enjoyed properly) my only real memory of the trip is from a day at the beach. There were sheer black rocks on the beach which I was magnetically drawn to and desperate to climb on – aged about four, I wasn’t allowed. The sense of injustice when I spotted my mum sunbathing on them later has stayed with me for more than three decades!

    As I managed to drop a drawer on my toe (twice) in another holiday in Spain, cut my feet on glass on a beach and rocks in the sea on two other holidays, I think my parents’ ban was pretty sensible (in retrospect)…

  3. One of my earliest childhood memories is making an enormous castle on a very large beach and covering it in cuttlefish! Don’t know why that sticks out. Boxes look great!

  4. My favourite memory from our first time abroad as a child is trying to convince my 3 year old brother he’d been on a plane. He was so excited about going on a plane but fell asleep in the departure lounge and didn’t wake up until we got to the hotel!

  5. My memorable holiday moment is when we went to South of France on a coach. We’d been travelling for what seemed like ages and I got my sandwiches out and asked my dad if we were nearly there. We were just past tandle hills which is about 10 mins from my house!! Over 24 hours to go yet then! My dad tells me it was a very long coach trip!! Never again.

  6. On holiday in Barry Island and I remember my dad making the most awesome speedboat in the sand. He spent ages digging out the sand, making seats, carving out the shape of the steering wheel. All topped off with a plastic flag at the back. Other children came from all over the beach to sit in the boat! I felt super proud of my dad that day!

  7. My memorable childhood holiday moment was playing crazy golf on a British holiday (I have no idea where!!) My older brothers were messing around and one swung his golf club round his head and hit the other one right in the eye! It was SO exciting, going to hospital, blood everywhere, 3 of us manic kids discussing how he’ll be blind forever. Ahhh such fun! He still winces at the mention of crazy golf! 😉 xxx

  8. There seem to be a lot of holiday injuries on here – so I’ll add mine.

    We used to go to Bournemouth every year with another family, sharing a rented house. The year I was 5, we arrived after a long trip and us kids went straight across the road (on our own! unaccompanied! without an adult! don’t tell the Daily Mail…) to a playground while the dads unloaded the car.

    Within about 3 minutes I had managed to break my ankle on an old (now banned) roundabout called a witch’s hat, and spent the next two weeks in hospital. They kindly let me out they day we left to go home.

    • Oh bless, that is so sad. Hope you got lots of visits at least? How gutting. Thanks for entering and good luck.

  9. We didn’t go on expensive holidays and one of my fondest memories was on the beach at Godstone and we picked winkles and then went home and cooked them…so fun – though didn’t actually like the taste of them. 🙂

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. I have vague memories of winkles from childhood holidays too and not liking the taste.
      Mrs ATWWAH

  10. I was three years old, in India on holiday, and was hoisted on Dad’s shoulders, watching an elephant go past. Even at that age, an elephant felt out of the ordinary – it definitely wasn’t as common as a big red bus. And then I was read the Barbar the Elephant books and realised that elephants are pretty regular fellows… If you look hard enough for them.

  11. We used to go to a caravn park with our caravan, I loved fishing and was the only girl standing on the pier, I took pride catching my little fishes with the bread dough balls, I remember the independence i felt at 8, walking back and forth from the pier to the caravan, not a worry in the world, the sun shinning and everyone on holiday

  12. my most memorable holiday was to Whitby in Yorkshire whilst heading for Whitby abbey across a grassy area and over a style the ground was soft and I stepped in the mud and lost my brand new white shoe never did recover it it was very deep and soft mud

  13. One of my earliest childhood holiday memories is when we went on a family holiday to Mykonos. I must have been about 4 and they were, as I like to remember, building the beach. Diggers moving the gorgeous sand around all day. We got a lot of beach time but spent a lot of time in the beach bar befriending the local hotel owners and their daughter. My little sis who must have been about 18 months sat on the beach bar with the bar man drinking freshly squeezed orange juice all day! We didn’t need much, a bit of shade, a friend to play with and a glass of fresh juice!!!!

  14. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. And, congratulations to Amy at 2 Boys, 1 Mum who won.

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